WiFi Range

WifiAs a support tech you will be asked by customer about the range of their routers, or you might need to choose a router to cover an area. This article shows some of the range of WiFi and Bandwidth you might get with the different router protocols. Read more ›

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Windows 8 build-in Anti-Malware

Windows Defender iconMicrosoft is continuing it anti-malware initiative that it started  with Microsoft Security Essentials and now with Window 8 is naming it Windows Defender. Microsoft started to create it’s now anti-malware software to improve users experience with using Microsoft Windows.
You might say that we have heard the name Windows Defender before. In previous versions of Windows it was an Anti-Spyware program. When you install other anti-malware program the Windows Defender program was disabled.

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No POP3 in Windows 8 mail app

The latest Windows 8 Operating System no longer comes with Windows Live Mail pre-installed.  It now comes with a new Email product that does not allow POP email accounts to be configured. This seems to continue in the trend from Microsoft that they started when Windows 7 first came out with no email client.

If your mail provider doesn’t provide allow IMAP or Exchange access to your email then there are three possible options.

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