WiFi Range

WifiAs a support tech you will be asked by customer about the range of their routers, or you might need to choose a router to cover an area. This article shows some of the range of WiFi and Bandwidth you might get with the different router protocols. Read more ›

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IPv6 is coming……

We are running out of IP addresses. We will soon not be able to add any computers, or websites, or other services to the Internet using the current method of IP addressing. That is why for the past few years the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and network technicians around the world have been working on IPv6.

So instead of a Google DNS IP address of it will be 2001:4860:0:1001::68

While currently this change to IPv6 will not affect the average consumer, and therefore will not effect those of us in technical support, but as more of this is in the news we might be needed to explain it to the public.

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Microsoft to change program names again

Microsoft is planning to change the names of their client programs and services again. When providing phone support to customers and you have to ask them what program they are using for them email and you just got use to saying adding Windows Live Mail to the list, now Microsoft changes it again. With Windows 8 they plan to call the email client just Mail, and the address book, People. Find out more by reading this post on the engineering blog – Building Windows 8.

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