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About That Darn Computer…

If you are a professional support technician or just the designated computer expert for you family and friends, ThatDarnComputer.com is a site with resources and information for you.
The That Darn Computer blog has post about useful links, software, or helpful information for technical support and trouble shooting of computer and consumer electronics.
That Darn Forum is a location where people can share tips, tricks, links and other information, or share stories about their experiences as being a support technician.
That Darn-opedia is were we can find how to articles and step-by-step directions.

About the founder…

I have been using computers since 1980, the designated computer technician at work since 90’s and have been working as an Internet Support Technician since 2000.
I first logged onto the Internet in 1994, and have endeavored to become an “expert” ever since.
I now want to share what I have learned with others and what to provide a place where others can share there knowledge with me and others. I am by no means an expert or the most knowledgeable person in this field, but with your help will try to get answers to the problems that people are having with the Internet, computers, and other technology.
I will also share my expertise of working with customers, some of it funny, some of it horror stories, but also helpful information on how to properly help people to do a better job at helping others so there are fewer “horror” stories by customers dealing with computer technicians.

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