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I recommend subscribing to this Youtube Channel and watching past episodes. Linus Sebastian is really good at explaining various concepts and definitions of technology. There is always new and changing technology in today’s world and it is hard sometimes to

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Encrypt all the Things

While it is important to have a password on your computer, tablet, or smart phone to protect your personal information, but it is like locking your door. That protect you from most thieves, but not a determined thief. To do

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Securing Your Router

When you leave your house and you close and lock the door, but if you leave a window your home is not secure. This is the same with our router. If you have an open port then your home network is

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Old and Abandoned Accounts

Over the years of using the Internet you might have signed up for accounts on service and site that you no longer use. These sites have information on you and the username, password, email address, and more about you. They

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