No POP3 in Windows 8 mail app

The latest Windows 8 Operating System no longer comes with Windows Live Mail pre-installed.  It now comes with a new Email product that does not allow POP email accounts to be configured. This seems to continue in the trend from Microsoft that they started when Windows 7 first came out with no email client.

If your mail provider doesn’t provide allow IMAP or Exchange access to your email then there are three possible options.

There are three options to downloading your POP3 Email on the new Windows 8 Operating system.

  1. Use your email providers webmail interface.
  2. Download Windows Live Mail Essentials and configure Live Mail for your email providers POP account located at: We have yet to confirm if this will work on Window 8 RT.
  3. Login to Microsoft’s Outlook Live Mail online account and add your POP account to download in to the Windows 8 Mail Client program by going to:

If you choose option 3, below are the instructions to configure a POP account:

How to configure Microsoft Outlook Live Mail for POP

  1. Log in to If you don’t have a Microsoft account, create one.
  2. Select More mail settings from the settings menu in the upper right corner of the screen. An options screen appears.
  3. Click Sending / receiving email from other accounts under Managing Your Account. Another screen appears.
  4. Click Add an email account under the You Can Receive Email from These Accounts header. A screen with boxes for your email address and password will appear
  5. Click advanced settings
  6. Configure your email settings by entering your POP server name, unchecking SSL and choosing Port 110 and adding in your full email address and password below. Click Next when done.
  7. Select an folder for your POP mail or have it come to your inbox. We recommend having it come to your inbox. Click Save when done
  8. Verify your email address by clicking a link that comes in a confirmation email that Microsoft sends to your POP account. Your account should now show all the messages that are stored in your POP account.
  9. Select Accounts under Settings in the Windows 8 Mail app.
  10. Select Outlook
  11. Enter your username and password then click Connect.

Click Here for directions with screenshots.

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