Windows 8 Lock Screen

New to Windows 8 is the lock screen. The lock screen has lots of useful information. Besides the date and time it will list the next event in your Outlook Calendar, and there is a section for Apps that include a count of new email message, new text messages, current weather, and more. Different apps can take advantage of this feature and give you useful information at a glance.

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New Shortcuts in Windows 8

Shortcut KeysWith the launch of Window 8 there a bunch of new features. As support technicians we will be tasked with, over the phone, trying to get customers to move the mouse in just the right way to bring up these features. For example the Charms so that we can change the settings or access the control panel. This is often difficult to describe to people over the phone, and especially with customers be frustrated with the all new design an layout of Windows 8. One thing that can help out is the use of short-cut keys. Shortcut keys can help you get to settings and control panel easier than it will be to describe to customer’s how to move the mouse over the correct part of the screen.

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Where is the Start button in Window 8

Start ButtonThe start button has been on each version of Windows since Windows 95, but with Windows 8, Microsoft is getting rid of the start button. This might confuse customers and generate a few calls from customers.

I heard a great way to describe it as to say that the Start menu exploded and Microsoft make it a whole page. So that now when you log into your computer the first thing you see is the start menu. To get back to the Start Menu from another screen just press the Windows Key on the keyboard or press the Windows button on your tablet. You can also get back to the start menu by clicking on the lower left corner of the screen, where the Start Button use to be.

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