How to get into your computer’s BIOS

BIOS chipWhen working on a computer, from time to time, you might need to get into the computer BIOS.  You might need to reset the time, or change the boot order, or other changes. BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System firmware of an IBM PC-compatible computer. There are different type of BIOS and there are different ways of accessing those BIOS. has an article that gives us more information about accessing these different BIOS.


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Internet Traffic in 2012

Internet TrafficAs we start out the new year 2012 we are coming into a year where we can see some big spikes in Internet traffic due to big events. Many of these events will not only be shown on TV but also one the Internet. The fist big event of the year is the Superbowl. In the summer we have the Summer Olympics, and throughout the year and ending in November the US Elections. This is just the major events. There are other events and things that are yet unknown.
Last year was the Arab Spring, and the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and other events.

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Time Management

Warpped ClockIn the new year many resolutions will include something about managing time. As a support technician it is important to manage your time and it can easily get away from you.

If you go to the client’s location to fix computers it is easy to get off task and spend more time then planned. If you spend all your time in front of the computer you can find your  time lost looking an websites that are not related to the task at hand. If you are on the phone with the customer you will find yourself spending too much time with just one customer.

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