Windows 8 build-in Anti-Malware

Windows Defender iconMicrosoft is continuing it anti-malware initiative that it started  with Microsoft Security Essentials and now with Window 8 is naming it Windows Defender. Microsoft started to create it’s now anti-malware software to improve users experience with using Microsoft Windows.
You might say that we have heard the name Windows Defender before. In previous versions of Windows it was an Anti-Spyware program. When you install other anti-malware program the Windows Defender program was disabled.

Like all anti-malware programs, as support technicians we will be getting calls from customers that will require us to help the customer use Window Defender and run scans or adjust settings. For screen shots you can visit Darn-0-pedia’s page for Windows Defender.

Microsoft has made several other security changes to Windows 8 which you can read about in this Information Week article.

If a customer wants to use another anti-malware program Windows 8 will not get in the way. It will automatically disable Windows Defender in favor of the 3rd party product. Before you install your preferred anti-malware program make sure it is Windows 8 compatible.

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